Campaigners turn the temperature up in Copenhagen!!!

After 19 hours by coach I arrived in Copenhagen along with 25 CAFOD campaigners to turn the pressure up on world leaders in the fight for Climate Justice. I had never been on a trip campaigning before so everything was new for me.

We stayed in school and slept on the school hall floor, had a timetable for showers, along with its own snoring chorus, all of which made the experience more special.

The main event of the weekend was the Climate Justice March through the centre of Copenhagen. The march was 6km (4miles) long and all of us were holding a banner or flag of some sort. Although the cold started to get to all of us at the start of the march, once we were on our way we warmed up and soon got into our stride. Even the presence of potential trouble makers did not faze us as we were nothing more than determined campaigners by then!

We were in Copenhagen to show World Leaders that Climate Justice needed to be done. A FAIR, AMBITIOUS, and legally BINDING agreement needed to be signed so as to help the poorest of the poor adapt to our ever changing world and carbon emissions would be regulated throughout both the Developed and Developing countries.

It was clear when we arrived that the importance of the march had grown. World leaders and delegates needed to be reassured that campaigners and those for whom we were campaigning for could not be let down. They needed to realise the importance of their part in this UN Summit.

Though the march was long and as darkness approached and the cold once again set in, we were not deterred and finished the march knowing that we had been part of a wonderful outpouring of support for the campaign which is affecting thousands of lives every day.

The whole experience in Copenhagen was something of a whirlwind! It was only when I was on the coach back home did I reflect on what an amazing event I had been a part of. The people I met and the laughs we had together mean that COP15 for me will be remembered as a Summit where the people spoke and waited to see if they were listened to.

Megan Williams

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