The Wave comes crashing in!!!


On Saturday the 5th December volunteers 30 people from at least 9 parishes in North Wales arrived in London to take part in the Wave march demonstrating their belief that climate justice must take place in Copenhagen at the UN Summit on Climate Change.

Volunteers were asked to wear blue so as to symbolize a blue wave which represented the potential horrendous effects of rising sea levels due to Climate Change. Faces were painted and blue hands with CAFOD’s slogan were dominant in a crowd estimated at 50,000 by Stop Climate Chaos Coalition whom organised the march.

Sr. Vianney, a long term volunteer with CAFOD thought the march was incredibly important, “we need those in power to understand that Climate change is happening now! Those people in the developing world are facing a fight for survival as the effects of climate change have a huge impact on their lives”.

CAFOD hands were out in abundance and the theme of ‘climate in our hands’ was one that we all hoped World leads would take on in Copenhagen.

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