David Miliband visits North Wales

Last Wednesday I recieved a call from a unknown caller. I answered thinking it would be Argos to let me know when they would be delivering my cross trainer but to my surprise it was the Labour Party inviting me to meet David Miliband the following day.

So on Thursday myself and Katja Jewell of the North Wales CAFOD office went along to Connah’s Quay Labour Club to listen to what David Miliband had to say. After outlining his campaign to become Leader of the Labour Party he took questions. After taking the call I had asked Maria Elena in Campaigns to see if any questions could be made for this occasion. The questions given to me were all brilliant but Katja and I thought a question on the Coalition’s budget two days previously would be very apt. So after waiting patiently for my turn I asked the question

“With George Osbourne’s budget statement on Tuesday to ringfence the aid budget, do you have any concerns that the current coalition governement will continue to support all the poverty reduction  stratedgies that Gordon Brown and the previous Labour governement worked so hard on? “

I was pleased to have been able to ask the question and David Miliband gave a good answer. He explained that the coalition government had agreed to continue the good work of Labour but that the coalition must not be stop giving to countries as a whole. Good work goes on in countries whos governements may not be agreeable. This cannot mean we stop all help going there. David Miliband said that on this the Labour Party would stand up to the coalition if needed on this point as this is where is concern lies.

After the Q&A session Katja and I had the opportunity to pose for a photo. We took the chance to give David a welsh version of the Create a climate for Justice Campaign. Ed Miliband was given the English version by Angela in the Hallam Office, so we thought we would add, in a good way, to the brotherly rivalry.

Megan Williams

CAFOD North Wales Diocesan Officer.

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