CAFOD Day in North Wales

CAFOD Pantasaph Day in North Wales

A huge thank you from the CAFOD team for all the wonderful people who helped on the day and made this annual event a beacon of hope and a shining symbol of our solidarity with the poor.

Over 70 people came along, braving the changing weather and were moved by the courage of our overseas staff  and their work in emergencies all over Africa and the World. Even longstanding volunteers who had attended many CAFOD events, were touched by the challenges Laura Donkin has to face daily, but also the fascinating stories of change, thanks to the help of ordinary people here.

The weather was kind to us when we walked up the way of the cross, singing ‘Bind us together Lord” . A group of very small children provided visual role play for the unimaginable stories of suffering  all over the world.

In the afternoon Kevin McCullough, Head of Campaign CAFOD,  talked about how Parishes could now take our live simply promise of the Catholic Church  further with the Live Simply Parish Award .

The beautiful music during the mass with our Bishop Edwin resonated in people hearts long after the mass was finished and the Knights of St Colomba kindly awaited us with the BBQ outside the church.

The day was a beautiful opportunity to say thank you to all the parishes and schools who continue to support us in Lent and throughout the year.