A big thank you ! CAFOD PANTASAPH DAY and Lent 2012


(Photo: Students from the Catholic Chaplaincy in Bangor with  Fr. Hagos Hayish, Secretary General from Caritas Ethiopia and Chris Bain, Director of CAFOD in England and Wales)

A huge thank you from the CAFOD team for all the wonderful people who helped on the day and made this annual event a beacon of hope and a shining symbol of our solidarity with the poor once again. 

 Special thanks go to the many schools that came along and contributed in different ways to the success of the day.  The youth group of Buckley gave a brief presentation on their fundraising efforts and the family commission supported us with activities in the craft tent.

Over 100 people came along, to meet Chris Bain, CAFOD Director, who thanked supporters of Wrexham Diocese for their tireless commitment over the past 50 years. Chris emphasised that this work could not have been achieved without highly committed volunteers in the parishes, the support of the parish priests and of course Bishop Edwin.

He explained how CAFOD grew from a Catholic Fund to working for the Bishop’s Conference in England and Wales as the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development and he laid out the vision of the years to come.

The weather was kind to us when we walked up the Way of the Cross, singing “Walk with me, O my Lord” where a group of children from Venerable Edward Morgan School played out the different stations. This year’s highlight was a liturgical dance by St. Brigid’s School, Denbigh as part of the Resurrection reflection .

In the afternoon Chris Bain answered many questions in the open forum, together with Fr Hagos Hayish, the Secretary General of Caritas Ethiopia, who kindly made time on his visit to Britain to join us.

The beautiful music and dance during the Mass with the parish of St David’s resonated in peoples’ hearts long after the Mass was finished. The Knights of St Columba were kindly waiting for us with hotdogs outside the church to see us off.

Lent 2012

Thank you all, so much, for your incredible support this Lent. The generosity of your Fast Day collections, frugal lunches, Walks for Water and prayers, and your inspiring passion for our Thirst for Change campaign has been overwhelming.

In the diocese of Wrexham an amazing amount of over £42,000 was donated during Lent.

Your donations will make an enormous difference. It means we can build more water pumps, dig more boreholes and improve sanitation, giving the poorest people a chance to live with dignity and to flourish.

Our Lent appeal is now closed but it’s not too late to send in what you raised from your fundraising activities between 17 February and 17 May. Send it in as soon as possible so we can add it to the Lent total.

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