Gifts that make a difference

Thinking about giving a gift with a difference this year?

World Gifts do just that.

For just £7 you can buy a ‘School Starter Pack’, which provides a child in a developing country with a school uniform, school fees, pens, books and a daily meal, everything that a child needs for their education.

Vicheth, 14 is one of the children who have benefited from World Gifts.

 In a tiny settlement on the edge of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a new school has opened. This informal school offers classes to children too poor to access public schools. One of its pupils, Vicheth, is delighted, “I think that this school is good… the teachers always care about teaching.”

Equipped with the things he needs for lessons, Vicheth is grateful for the difference going to school will make to his life, “I hope I will find a good job to do like being a shop manager”.

This gift can help another child like Vicheth go to school.

If you would like to purchase a World Gift you can do so online at:

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