Live Simply Christmas

Live Simply this Christmas

As Christmas draws closer you may like to think about how your parish can prepare for it.

There are a number of steps you and your parish can take in order to celebrate a more simple Christmas in your community.  Why not try a few of the following ideas so that your parish can ‘Live Simply’ as you celebrate the birth of Christ.


1. Communal Christmas message board. With millions of Christmas cards discarded after the Christmas period we suggest that perhaps your parish may wish to offer Christmas greetings to one another by opting to display a communal Christmas message board which would allow members of your parish to write messages on a white board to wish all members of the parish a blessed Christmas. This would save postage and paper and give your parish a pleasant decoration for display.

2. Lighting a parish can sometimes cause a great expense to the utilities, and also expends a great deal of energy. You may wish to opt for more sustainable lighting such as LED lighting which is cost effective, or at this Advent time you may suggest using candlelight to light your services, this will not only conserve energy but will give your services a simple and solemn space for worship.

3. You may like to consider hosting a Christmas fayre at your parish. This could be the perfect opportunity to buy handcrafted gifts and homemake cakes, and you may consider donating the proceeds to CAFOD’s Advent appeal to act in solidarity with those whom we serve.

4. Hold an Advent service in honour of our brothers and sisters in the Global South. The time of Advent offers us an ideal time to reflect upon the presence of our Lord Jesus on Earth as we lead up to the celebration of his birth. We call upon you to bear witness to his presence in all men and women by holding a service in honour of our brothers and sisters in the Global South this advent. You can find resources for your advent service by visiting:

5. Host a Christmas festival. You may wish to consider hosting a Christmas festival within your parish, and invite members of your community and beyond to celebrate with you by bringing a dish from that is symbolic of their Christmas culture, you may also invite them to share Advent or Christmas songs from their Christmas culture or stories which are of their heritage. This could a perfect opportunity to share the Christmas cultures of your community and act in solidarity with all people everywhere celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

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