Michael Richards explains why he is ‘Hungry for Change’

From L-R: Fr Charles Ramsey, Michael Richards,

Dylan Edwards (Teacher at Blessed Edward Jones),

Amy Davies and Rachel McConnell

When I first heard about CAFOD I wasn’t very sure what it was about, but then I met Katja (CAFOD North Wales Manager) and she told me about an annual event held in Noddfa called ‘Potato day’. I went to my first ‘Potato Day’ in 2011 and I enjoyed learning about how we as Christians can help the poor. We learnt how CAFOD were campaigning about the poorer countries need for fresh clean water, and we learnt how to Dowse. We also learned that a lot of people die each day due to not having enough water to drink.

In the first year of actually being involved with CAFOD I didn’t do much fundraising, I think it was because I weren’t ready to give to other people. However, when I went back to the Potato Day this year I thought to myself why should people be going hungry when I sit at home every night eating a nice tea? I thought I’m going to try my best to help the poor now and to spread CAFOD’s campaign, which was now called ‘Hungry For Change’ and the interesting facts we learned about how our government is failing the poorer countries.

So upon leaving this year’s Potato Day, me and Amy Davies got straight to thinking of ideas of how we can fundraise for the poorer countries. We decided on doing a 10 mile sponsored walk from Colwyn Bay to Rhyl, this was arranged I think for a month or two after potato day. We spoke in Mass in St Mary’s Church in Rhyl to let the Church goers know about our walk and what they can do to support CAFOD. On the 25th November we took to the challenge of walking the 10 mile stretch from Colwyn Bay to Rhyl along the coastal path along the way we met many other Christians from other areas, one from Wigan. By doing this walk for CAFOD we let more people know about the amazing work that they do and we raised £250.00 for CAFOD.

We are currently thinking of more ideas on how to fundraise for CAFOD in the months to come.

-Michael Richards

2 thoughts on “Michael Richards explains why he is ‘Hungry for Change’

  1. Well done Michael & Amy!

    Cake sales are a great way to raise funds and with Hungry or Change, perhaps a way to gain a few £s and lbs. (sorry)

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