Lent Fast Day 2013

Friday, 22nd February 2013 was CAFOD’s annual Lent Fast Day, where supporters in schools and parishes marked this day in a variety of ways, raising funds and awareness, remembering that one in eight people do not have enough food to eat.

Here in North Wales, the Lent Fast Day also coincided with the Diocese of Wrexham’s annual youth retreat, in Noddfa,Penmaenmawr. CAFOD were invited to open the youth retreat and so I went along to speak to the young people about ‘Hungry for Change’.

youth retreat2 2013

   Young People from the Diocese of Wrexham are Hungry for Change!

After a lovely welcome and dinner provided by the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Mary, who run Noddfa, we gathered in the meeting room for  introductions and icebreakers.  As Fairtrade Fortnight takes place this week and next, the young people were only too willing to play the ‘Banana Split game’, which focuses on food systems. In pairs, the young people were given the task of representing a stage in the production and sale of bananas, from the banana grower, through to the supermarket chains.Very soon the group became engaged in a very animated and lively debate about the global food systems, with each team quick to point out their contribution to this process and to stake their claim for their share of the profit. A heated debate ensued, resulting in the young people stating their outrage at the unfair food systems and unequal share of wealth, which saw the supermarkets make the largest profit from the sale of the banana, with the banana worker receiving the least.  The debate concluded with the young people unanimous in their indignation about the current food systems, and eager to write messages on fish and loaves, to be sent to the UK Government, stating their support to see these unfair food systems end!

Thanks to Chriss Humphreys, the Diocesan Youth Worker, for inviting me along, and for the young people from the Diocese of Wrexham for the enthusiasm they showed in their support for Hungry for Change.

-Anne Fegan


If you would like to play the Banana Split Game, or other related games with your class or youth group you can download them from CAFOD: Education Resources.

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