St David’s Day Prayer Card

Here in the North Wales office we love to celebrate culture and identity. Katja is from Germany, Sr Vianney is from England and I am from Scotland, so between us we have a lot of reason to celebrate various traditions from Candlemass to Robert Burn’s Day. And although none of us are Welsh (although Katja is determined to find Welsh ancestry!) we love to celebrate all things Welsh.

Fairtrade Fortnight is one of these great occasion for celebration in Wales.

2013 marks Wales’ 5th year as a Fair Trade nation, and throughout Wales people of all ages continue to show support for Fair Trade. Much to my delight, as Wales celebrated these 5 years,  Scotland too announced on 25th February, this year, that it too had achieved this status! Well done Scotland!

St David’s Day falls during Fairtrade Fortnight and so to mark this day we invited Martha Barnes, one of our CAFOD ‘Great Generation’ from North Wales to help produce a St David’s Day prayer card, which can be downloaded here: St David.

Other Saint pray cards in the series can be found here:

CAFOD Prayer Cards

If you too would like to become part of CAFOD’s ‘Great Generation’ we would love to hear from you. From taking part in a campaign, fundraising for CAFOD, or coming into the North Wales office for work experience there is plenty for you to get involved with.

St David1

Anne Fegan,

Diocesan Officer

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