What is the ‘LiveSimply’ Award?

The LiveSimply Award supports and encourages communities to put their faith into practical action. To gain an award, a parish must demonstrate at least 9 ways in which it is putting into practice the 3 simple principles of LiveSimply:

  • To live simply is to take only what we need from the earth, not to demand more and more.
  • To live sustainably is to take account of the impact of our choices on other people and on the earth that nourishes us.
  • To live in solidarity with those living in poverty is to make a strong and lasting commitment to the common good so that all people can live life to the full.

Since 2006, nearly 80 Catholic organisations have been encouraging us all to live simply, sustainably with creation, and in solidarity with people living in poverty. The LiveSimply award is coordinated by ECO-Congregation on behalf of CAFOD, a member of the LiveSimply network.

live simplyTo Live Simply, Sustainably and in Solidarity with people living in poverty.

If you would like a ‘LiveSimply’ Pack please visit the CAFOD North Wales office or for more information about the award visit LiveSimply Award and the CAFOD LiveSimply.



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