CAFOD North Wales welcomes Robert

We have recently appointed Robert Rayson, a final year student at Glyndwr University, to work with us here in the North Wales office on the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign. This is an exciting and busy time for Robert to be joining us, but we are sure that he is up for the challenge!

This is what Robert had to say about joining CAFOD:

“Hi, my name is Robert Rayson; I am 22 years old and a third year Creative Industries student at Glyndwr University. I am coming to the end of a three year stint studying Broadcasting Journalism and Media Communications.

I am lucky enough to have been hired by CAFOD as their new Regional Communications Volunteer. This means that I will spend the next six months helping the staff at CAFOD North Wales with any media related problems and helping the team establish a solid relationship with local media outlets. I am extremely looking forward to working with this brilliant team on the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign and I can’t wait to see some of the positive achievements CAFOD will gain with all of our help.”

If you are interested in volunteering with CAFOD, from working in our office, or would like to help out at our local events then please get in touch with us.


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