‘Step into the Gap’ and let CAFOD take you where the guide books don’t


Do something different this year and ‘Step into the Gap’.


Are you ready to take an adventure that will change you and those around you?

Your journey beings and ends in the UK, but takes you to one of the poorest countries in the world, to meet amazing people and to share their lives.

You will join a vibrant youth ministry team or exciting school or parish community and learn how to make the links between faith and action as you inspire a new generation to become global social justice champions.

CAFOD is offering a gap year experience in partnership with Cardinal Newman School (near Brighton), Just Youth (Salford), MYMission (Middlesbrough), St. Mary’s College (Blackpool) and YMT (near Durham). The placement lasts for 10 months during which you will receive food and accommodation, a monthly allowance, travel expenses and training, mentoring and support.

Naomi, a current ‘Gapper’ shared her thoughts on her experience saying:‘It has been an empowering experience for me in all aspects – from community living and youth ministry in my placement, to our visit to CAFOD partners and projects in Sierra Leone – allowing me to grow spiritually, emotionally and in my own global awareness.’

For the chance to take part in a life changing programme and to download an application form, visit www.cafod.org.uk/stepintothegap.

If you would like to speak to someone to find out more about it all email: youngleadership@cafod.org.uk

The deadline for applications is:

23rd May 2013

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