Hungry for Change – What you can do to help!


The world produces enough food to feed us all, yet one in eight people go hungry each day. The way that food is grown, sold and shared out is not working for the world’s poorest people. But we have the power to change this injustice.

We believe that God created an abundant world. If we use the earth’s resources with care and share what we have been given, we will have enough for everyone’s needs. But our food system concentrates power in the hands of global companies, investors and governments, and sidelines small-scale producers and consumers across the world.

Our Hungry for change campaign is calling for empowering aid for small-scale farmers and checks on the power of global food companies.

There are many ways in which you can become involved in the “Hungry for Change” campaign. For example; you can visit the CAFOD website,, and you can email our Prime Minister David Cameron calling for change.

Another way you can become involved with this campaign is to register your support for our “Hungry for Change” campaign on our website,, to receive regular updates about fundraising events and activities in your diocese.

We’re also a founder member of Enough Food for Everyone IF… – a shared campaign to tackle hunger backed by over 120 organisations. Add your name to IF now and share the campaign with your friends.

If you would like to become more involved with the “Hungry for Change” campaign please visit the CAFOD website: or visit our Facebook page to see what’s going on in your area:

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