Live Below the Line

live below the line

Ruth Holden, assistant Chaplain at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, tells us why she organised a ‘Live Below the Line’ event in the Chaplaincy.

On Wednesday 8th May the Chaplaincy challenged the people of Glyndwr University to take up the £1 challenge. Over a billion people in the world live on less than a £1 a day, and this isn’t for food alone but also healthcare, education, transport etc. Inspired by the Live Below the Line campaign (that challenges people to live on a £1 of food each day for 5 days) the Chaplaincy produced £1 challenge bags encouraging people to live on £1 for one day and therefore raise awareness of poverty and hunger.

30 people signed up to the challenge with over 20 bags handed out to staff and students. The bag contained a tin of soup, spaghetti and rice pudding, as well as a cereal bar and an IF Campaign bracelet. There was also 23p left that could be spent on an apple or some bread.

We had such a great response we went out at lunchtime and bought some more tins to make some more bags!

Katja Jewell from CAFOD North Wales was present to talk to about the IF campaign and many signed an IF Campaign banner that will be taken down to London on 8th June for one of the big lobbies taking place before the G8 Summit.

It was interesting to hear everyone’s views and how some are already living on a £1 a day and how others are growing their own vegetables.

I personally took up the challenge on the Wednesday. It was okay until tea time when I had to watch my own family eat their dinner and have pudding when I could only have spaghetti. My stomach grumbled throughout the evening. It wasn’t too bad but I could see how hungry I would be after a week and the limited diet I would have.

It was an eye opening challenge.

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