Ecumenical Food Pilgrimage: The first few days

Several months ago the Justice and Peace network in North Wales, which includes CAFOD, met to discuss a joint campaign in North Wales to raise awareness of the ‘Enough Food For Everyone IF‘ campaign. An ecumenical food pilgrimage was decided upon, and thus began the plan to walk from Bardsey Island to St Asaph.

Patrick Ward, stepped forward to lead the way, and walk for the two weeks between Bardsey Island and St Asaph. Over the next two weeks members of the ‘IF’ coalition will join him on this journey, stopping in schools and parishes to talk about the campaign. Katja Jewell, the CAFOD diocesan manager for North Wales joined him in Pwllheli, encouraging people to pray, and sign their name in support of the IF campaign.

So on Saturday, 18th May, Patrick collected a pilgrim staff in Bardsey Island, which he will walk with until he reaches St Asaph Cathedral on 1st June. Patrick has already been met with wonderful Welsh hospitality, with offers of a bed for the night, and opportunities to talk to community groups about the campaign.

On Pentecost Sunday Patrick reflected on the two days that he had walked, saying:

“When I planned the pilgrimage I thought how I feel, what I would do, and then as I started to walk, all of a sudden the ‘I’ was pushed to the back and I thought of the people in Africa who are hungry and suffering, an then there was quiet and I just walked. And today is Pentecost, what appropriate day to start this journey, hungry for change!”

To view Patrick’s route and for more information about the Food Pilgrimage visit:

Ecumenical Food Pilgrimage- 18th May-1st June 2013

photoWith Parishioners from Aberdaron Church, Pwllheli.

2 thoughts on “Ecumenical Food Pilgrimage: The first few days

  1. Alison, Alix, Gordon and Tony walked across Anglesey on Wednesday & Thursday, collecting messages for David Cameron from children in 5 schools en route. They met up with Patrick at the Bangor end of the Menai Bridge and walked on to the Cathedral with him.

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