We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.’’ Mother Teresea

– Amira talks about her involvement with CAFOD

I personally think that CAFOD is an absolutely amazing organisation in terms of what it does for people worldwide. We are in a time where we see lots of suffering, but the people at CAFOD work ever so hard to try and overcome this. I have done activities in the past for CAFOD such as attending CAFOD events as well as creating Christmas cards in 2011 in aid of CAFOD, where we raised about £156! So, I think that more and more people should get involved with CAFOD, to gain world peace!

I am grateful for all that I am blessed with such as family, clean water, healthy food. Therefore, the quote which I have stated by Mother Teresa means a lot. We need to show the people around the world, whether they are from England, Africa or anywhere else for that matter; that we love them and care for them in their times of need and despair as that is the worst feeling; feeling unwanted.

At the end of June, I worked in CAFOD’s Wrexham Office for several days and I am due to get involved with future events too as part of my work experience. I felt that this week of work experience would be really good to get to know more about CAFOD as well as gaining some valuable experience for what I want to study in university which is Theology and Religious Studies.

During my time here at the CAFOD office, I have been doing several activities such as designing a calendar and researching the activities in which CAFOD does to help people nationally as well as internationally.  I also have done research to what CAFOD does in terms of Theology as this relates to what I wish to study in the future. With this I was granted with the opportunity to talk to a lady from Head Office via conference call from the office.

I had a really interesting conversation with Susan from Head Office in London and she told me so many interesting facts that I never knew before! For example, I didn’t realise that CAFOD helps within the UK as well as in places such as Africa, El Savador and Brazil. CAFOD helps people in this country in terms of Catholic education and they also work to empower and educate young Catholics to respond to the call for global justice and world peace, as well as so many other countries worldwide.

Susan told me an inspiring story about 4 women from Lima, who saw needs within their community and decided to do something about it. They decided that their project would be to help women in their area get through with life. These four women had been working together since invasions took place in the 80’s and 90’s in the area. Citizens of those targeted areas moved to Lima in order to start a new life; a life of peace.  So, these four women decided that they would train women in their area various life skills in order to move on from the atrocities that they had previously been faced with. The women taught things such as knitting and various other skills and as a result of this skills could be transferred to be used at home and also the self-esteem of local women was raised. I personally think that this is an amazing cause for CAFOD to fund every year, because it is helping these women in so many different ways and it will be also benefitting the society in which they live in.

So, I feel that my few days here at the CAFOD office have inspired me to go and make even more of a difference and help people around the world reach peace and get away from poverty.  I really enjoyed my experience here, as it has given me a further insight into world issues and how we can go on to combat them and make poverty history.

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