Elin’s week with CAFOD

Elin Wynne

Elin has spent the week with us in the North Wales office. Elin worked on various things in the office, including creating a brilliant ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ display. Here is what she said about her week with CAFOD:

I personally feel that we should all try to help those who need a little extra. People usually think that people living in poverty do not try to help themselves; however, I found out this was not the case when I talked to Tania from head office in London (via conference call from the Wrexham office).

Tania talked to me about what they do in Latin America and how their partners can help the people who live in poverty. For example, they set up trade between people who have different seeds for crops or help educate people on what seeds they can grow in their climate. 

Tania told me an interesting story about a woman and her 6 children from Nicaragua. On the day that her 6th child was born her husband died the same day. But despite all this she was so determined that she would not need any support from charities or other organisations that she did any job she could to raise her family, and refused for her children to work and leave education. All her children grew up and went on to further vocational training and education. 

I had a wonderful time here at CAFOD. I have done many different activities while here in CAFOD. Including making a wall display, showing the journey of the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign. I have also researched in what happens in Columbia and World Food Day.

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