Lenten Challenge

Digging deep into the roots of our faith

This Lent we are asked to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world and dig deep. This doesn’t mean just digging deep into our pockets, it means digging deep inside of ourselves and our faith. Lent is a time to look within, to reflect on our relationships with God and each other. Our relationship with God and others may be deepened by spending time in prayer and by fasting. Prayer and fasting help to sow the seeds of change, they help us to be open to being transformed, open to saying “yes‟ to God.

It‘s not just about giving something up, it is about the transformation taking place in us and the impact this will have on our world.

Since we celebrated Live simply in 2007, and promised to live simply, sustainability and in solidarity with the poor, we, as a family, and in the CAFOD office in North Wales have changed a lot, learned a lot and challenged ourselves and others a lot.  Our family now keep chickens and bees, joined a Community Supported Agriculture scheme and increased our skills in crafts and practical skills like spinning and sewing. In the office we cut down on travel costs and time by using video conferences, reuse scrap papers and reduce postings to volunteers.

With an erratic climate, more natural disasters and suffering going on in the world, our contribution to climate change cannot be denied. According to some statistics, Briton needs 3.5 earths to sustain our life styles, the USA over 5. The bad news is there is only one world!

A baby being born in the West produces the same carbon emissions by the time they are 22 weeks old, as a person in Ethiopia produces all their life.

This morning my parish priest said “Fasting is not dieting; fasting is feasting on God’s love.” Let’s celebrate this Lent by such feasting and preserving his creation and in this way being in solidarity with the poor, as they already suffer the brunt of our over consumption and the resulting climate change.

So therefore we invite you to accompany us on our Lenten journey, travelling light, and living within our ‘just one world’ means. Please join us, challenge us, and support us.

Send us your suggestions, to make this Lent a Lent to remember, yet less indebted to the earth and to our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Today we are putting up a new small change pyramid in the office over Lent and sending in the donation at the end of the Lenten period.
If you wish to put up a small change pyramid, then please get in contact with us by ringing 01978 355 084 or email us at northwales@cafod.org.uk

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