12/03/2014 8th day of Lenten Challenge (Turning off electronics if you plan on leaving them for a while.)

In the office we try to keep our appliances and electronics off and unplugged when not in use.
The top five items that use electricity even when on standby are:

  • A plasma TV can use around 1,400 kWh a year just on standby, LCD TVs use slightly less but still waste energy.
  • Games consoles waste around 230 kWh, if  you don’t want to unplug your consoles there is a switch on the back usually which turns it completely off and not just stand by.
  • Laptops that are left on charge keep using energy even if they aren’t turned on.
  • DVD players are used very few times a week and yet are left plugged in on standby 24/7 this uses 78 kWh a year. This might not seem like much but it soon adds up with other devices.
  • Mobile phone chargers are usually plugged in all the time, even when not being used. Similar to DVD players it doesn’t use much energy however when combined with other devices the wasted energy adds up.

In the office we use PowerDown plugs from e.on which when the main device, our computers, power down the power is cut to anything else connected to the socket. We have our label maker and screen attached.
If you would like a PowerDown plug we have a limited amount in the office to give away.
Contact us on 01978355084 or northwales@cafod.org.uk

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