Changes in the CAFOD Office

Sr Vianney and Katja

Please note that I will be leaving CAFOD by the end of May. Sr. Vianney will also retire from her duties in the CAFOD office.  This will lead to a changeover of staff, but we hope to inform you as soon as possible about the new arrangements.

Over the years we have had the privilege of walking alongside some of the most marginalised and poorest people in the world and shared their stories with the people in North Wales.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bishop Peter and Bishop Edwin for their trust and  blessing of our work , but also a huge thank you to  the Parishes and their Priests,  who have  always had an open door and heart to our pleas for prayers, action and fundraising. Thank you also to the retreat centres who host our events, to the convents and monasteries who continuously support us and pray for us.

The deep faith and the steadfastness of you, our supporters and volunteers, have changed the lives of so many people all over the world. Your care and continuous support has given them the hope to carry on through hunger and droughts, wars and other disasters

Most of all I would like to thank Sr. Vianney, in the name of all our volunteers, for her outstanding commitment to CAFOD and the people we serve. Cardinal Hume said at one time: 

“We are called to become a new people, a people whose hearts have been converted and who seek new heavens and new earth.”

Sr. Vianney has enabled a whole generation in North Wales to be involved in building this new kingdom. Sr Vianney’s kindness, generosity and smiling heart brings the best out of people. My family and I have learned so much from her and are immensely grateful.

We have a generation of gifted and caring young people in our Diocese, whom we want to thank particularly for their active engagement and enthusiasm, a great tribute to their families, educators and parishes.

Please look out for more information via the link, our blog, facebook and other communication, but most of all please continue to support CAFOD with your prayers, actions and donations. Your help has made a tremendous difference over the years. Thank you all for enriching our lives. Blessings and good wishes,

Katja and Sr. Vianney

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