CAFOD launches Friday Suppers Recipe Book

This Harvest, we’re launching a cookbook written by the former recipe tester to the UK’s best-selling cookery writer Delia Smith.

Friday Suppers

The Friday Suppers cookbook, available to buy now, was written by Pauline Curran, a lifelong Catholic who worked alongside Delia Smith for two decades, to provide inspiration for meat-free meals for families observing Friday abstinence. It includes a foreword from Delia and contains 40 meat-free recipes.

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Friday Suppers is full of simple, family-friendly fish and vegetable recipes perfect for a Harvest fundraising meal and all proceeds from sales of the £6.99 book will go to support our work helping those living in extreme poverty across the world.

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Friday Suppers’ author Pauline Curran

Pauline Curran, from Bury St Edmunds, said:

“I know that when Friday evening comes around after a long week, a lot of people are stuck for easy meal ideas. With that in mind, I put together this recipe book in the hope that it would inspire people to cook more tasty, simple Friday suppers – whether a parent cooking a family meal, or someone who has little experience of cooking but would like to give it a go.”


CAFOD supporter Delia Smith Photo:

Long-standing CAFOD supporter Delia Smith said:

“When Pauline opened the boot of her car and nonchalantly unloaded masses of the most delicious food for one of our parish parties, I recognised instantly that she had a very special talent. She has a deep faith, and like many of us is concerned that so many people in the world do not have enough to eat.

“So please buy as many copies of the recipe book as you can, tell all your friends, and then hopefully we will have a runaway bestseller, and from that a lot of people will be able to receive some help.”

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The meat-free recipes are also ideal for those trying to cut their carbon footprint in support of our recently launched One Climate, One World campaign, which is calling on political leaders to take action to prevent climate change pushing people deeper into poverty. As part of the campaign we are asking our supporters to reduce their own impact on the planet where possible, with ideas including eating less meat, switching off unnecessary appliances and turning down thermostats.

Take action today: Find out more about the One Climate, One Worldcampaign >>

To order a copy of Friday Suppers                                                                            call 0300 011 5680 or visit

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