Your Catholic Legacy

Catholic causes working for future generations

Millions of people around the world rely on the help they receive from Catholic organisations, but did you know that much of that work is funded by gifts in wills?

CAFOD is part of “Your Catholic Legacy” – a group of Catholic charities hoping to encourage people to leave a gift in their will to Catholic causes.


Archbishop Peter Smith, patron to Your Catholic Legacy, said:

“Legacies play a crucial role in funding the work of Catholic charities. No matter how big or small, a charitable gift in your will brings hope to poor communities across the globe, enables the sharing of God’s love and provides those in greatest need with a vital lifeline.”

Legacies come in all shapes and sizes and every gift can change someone’s life. They’re also a lasting reminder of our dedicated friends who help us in this far-reaching way: friends like Auriel Samuelsen.


For more information about making a will or leaving a legacy to CAFOD, visit: or call Heather on 020 7095 5367.

 To read more about Your Catholic legacy and the member charities, visit: or call Hannah on 020 7095 5370.

 What will your Catholic legacy be?

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