One Climate One World

CAFOD One Climate One World volunteers

We had a fantastic turn out for our One Climate One World event at St Anne’s Parish Centre, Wrexham last night.  Thank you to everybody who came along to hear Fr Mike Fitzsimons talk about Climate Change and the Climate Conference that he attended with CAFOD in Paris, in December 2015.  The presentation was extremely interesting and informative.  It gave everybody the sense that we can all do our bit to help prevent Climate Change in the future and to help the world’s poorest people who are affected by it.

Everybody signed the Power to the People petition which asks Nick Hurd, MP, a minister at the Department for International Development (DFID) to ensure that the UK keeps its promises from Paris and supports the shift towards renewable energy.

You can sign the online petition from Friday 15th April when it is officially launched.  We also discussed the opportunity to switch your energy supplier to a 100% renewable energy supplier.  CAFOD has joined forces with Ecotricity.  For every switch, they will donate £40 to CAFOD, £60 if you switch both gas and electric.  So what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in hearing more about CAFOD’s work on Climate Change and how you can support further, please contact Colette Byrne, Community Participation Coordinator on or 07779 804 242.


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