CAFOD supporters in the Wrexham Diocese begin their Power to Be campaign

CAFOD believes that every child can, and should be able to, achieve great things. But with one in six people still living with no electricity, the reality is that this isn’t always the case.  But with investment into local, renewable energy, children’s lives can be transformed.

 In our latest campaign, Power to be, we are encouraging schools and parishes in the Wrexham diocese to speak up and give children across the world the ‘Power to be’ by signing CAFOD’s campaign action cards.

Parishioners from Anglesey kickstarted the Power to Be Card signing at a CAFOD evening.jpg

Parishioners of the Mission on Anglesey kickstarted the Power to Be Card signing at a CAFOD evening

The cards are part of a petition which calls on Melanie Robinson, the UK’s representative in the World Bank, to invest in local and renewable energy which tackles poverty.

Nearly 90 per cent of people without electricity live in villages. It can be expensive and difficult to extend the main grid to homes, schools and clinics in rural areas. The cheapest, fastest, and most efficient solution is usually to provide mini-grids powered by renewables.

A selection of Power to Be cards

A selection of Power to Be cards

Colette Byrne said, “I’m delighted to support our campaign to the World Bank which aims to enable children in the poorest places to access the education they deserve and to aspire to a brighter future. It is great to see support for the campaign from across Wrexham diocese”

By taking our Power to Be campaign action cards into your local parishes and schools, as well sharing them with your friends, pupils and families, you can help to make a real difference.

power to be logo

The Power to Be logo

You can also use this opportunity to Speak Up about climate change at this year’s Week of Action from 1-9 July.  Take a card, gather your friends and meet with your newly elected local MP’s to show that you care about energy access for the world’s poorest people.

If you would like to receive campaign action cards to share in your parish or school, please order them online or call 0300 011 5680.  For further information, contact the CAFOD Wrexham Volunteer Centre on 01978 355 084 or email

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