Welcome back to our CAFOD volunteer Harriet Rees!

A warm welcome back to our campaign volunteer Harriet Rees!

Harriet is a CAFOD volunteer and enthusiast who is joining us for here for her second summer at CAFOD North Wales.  She has recently graduated from University with a 1st class degree in BSc Geography and will continue her education

Harriet Share the Journey

CAFOD volunteer Harriet Rees

studying a masters in Climate Change and Environmental science in the University of Liverpool.

From 9-14 May 2017, Harriet travelled to Fatima, Portugal, with 4 other CAFOD volunteers to attend an international climate change workshop inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’. The group joined participants from Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, France, Belgium and Canada. They shared ideas of how we can care for our common home and each other in a sustainable way, by limiting the effects of climate change and enabling the world’s poorest communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Harriet “It is difficult to sum up the amazing, life-changing experience, but for me there was a simple message that stood out: that we as God’s people are all connected, to each other and to the earth.”

Learning from these experiences Harriet is passionate about CAFODs latest campaign Share the Journey in which we are all encouraged to take action on the refugee crisis and show our support for people forced to flee their homes by organising walks in our local community.

CAFOD are walking around the World, which is 24,900 miles. By walking as many miles as possible we will send a powerful message to world leaders that they too need to step up and protect the rights of people on the move. Harriet will be organising her own Share the Journey walk in her parish, Flint.

Sign our petition, with Harriet, asking the Prime Minister to ensure that the UK takes a lead during UN refugee negotiations and organise a solidarity walk in your parish or community.

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