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CAFOD North Wales works in the diocese of Wrexham with parishes, schools and volunteers to spread our global mission of justice.

Share the Journey

Do you want to do your part to support the rights of refugees and migrants across the world?! Here, in your very own backyard, you can make a very real difference to the lives of others in desperate situations.

Pope Francis 2

In September 2017 Pope Francis launched the Share the Journey campaign. This campaign’s aim is to galvanize people to walk a total of 24,901 miles (the distance around the whole world!) in total together, in an act of solidarity with refugees and migrants travelling large distances for safety. The UN estimates that every minute, 20 people leave their homes in fear of their lives due to war or persecution or human rights abuses.

In 2018, the world leaders will be setting new refugee and migration agreements. We can send a clear message to decision makers to act with compassion and empathy, if we act loudly with solidarity and love.

“[It is important] not just to see but to look. Not just to hear but to listen. Not just to meet and pass by, but to stop. And don’t just say ‘what a shame, poor people,’ but allow ourselves to be moved by pity.” Pope Francis.

In North Wales there are lots of things you can do to support this campaign. Here is an easy-peasy step-by-step guide if you are ready to take on this fulfilling challenge!

Step 1 – Assemble your walkers!

Talk to friends and family, ask them if they’d like to do something to support refugees and migrants and explain what Share the Journey is about.

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Reach out to others through church, at school or those who are new to the area, particularly refugees!

Download examples of short talks

Step 2 – Pick a date!

We recommend a month in advance so that you have time to properly organise. Weekends are usually better if families are taking part! Once a date is chosen, remember to keep checking the weather to make sure it’s safe to walk!

Step 3 – Choose your walk!

Choose somewhere safe and realistic to get to. You may have others on your walk with less mobility, if this is the case, the first two walks suggested below would work better for pushchairs or families.

Step 4 – Order an ‘action card’ for each person taking part!

Each card has a story, prayers, questions for reflection and a message to send to the Prime Minister calling for human dignity to be at the centre of global agreements.

Step 5 – Order a Share the Journey ‘organiser’s guide’ for your group to share!

This guide includes a step-by step guide on before and after the walk, prayers, stories and conversation starters for the walk and background on the campaign. You can also download an additional fact sheet on this here for even more information on the campaign and issue!

Step 6 – Log your miles!

CAFOD’s totaliser shows how far individuals and groups have walked so far to support the campaign. It takes us on a virtual journey from Rome – where Pope Francis launched the Share the Journey campaign – to visit the places and meet the people most affected by migration.

And that’s it! A no nonsense guide to starting your campaign journey with flying colours! Keep your eyes posted for a step by step guide for what to do after your campaign journey by continuing to follow the Cafod North Wales Blog!

Happy walking!

Livison from Harare visits North Wales!

CAFOD Programme Officer, Livison Chipatiso is currently visiting lots of parishes and schools across the North West and North Wales as we prepare for this year’s Lent Family Fast Day.


Livison joined CAFOD Community Participation Coordinator for Wrexham Diocese, Colette Byrne, and CAFOD Education Volunteer, Vin Brennan for a visit to St Winefride’s in Holywell before the school finished for half term.Vin assembly2.JPG

All school children participated in an assembly, which taught them about children in Zimbabwe who are a similar age to themselves but may not receive the food they need to grow up to be healthy and strong.  Livison shared with them some information about schools in Zimbabwe.Livison and Colette visit St Winefride's Holywell2.JPG

The Year 6 class were lucky enough to spend more time with Livison, as they played a game called ‘Life without taps’, where they learned just how difficult it is for some people to be able to access water in poorer countries, as well as some of the obstacles people may come across.

The day was so enjoyable for all involved, CAFOD’s Colette, said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed bring our visitor from Zimbabwe to see the children at St Winefride’s.  Its great working with them and they love learning about CAFOD’s work, and how their support through Lent activities, is helping other children, just like them.”

This year’s Family Fast Day is on Friday 23rd February 2018, find out how you can get involved!


Prepare for Lent Fast Day in Llandudno, 30th January

You are invited to CAFOD North Wales’ family fast day event, where you can learn about CAFOD’s work in Zimbabwe and how to get involved.

Lent2018 wrexham.PNG

Tuesday 30th January, 7-9pm, at Stella Maris, 2 St Mary’s Road, Llandudno, LL30 2UB.

We hope to see you there!