Four Ways to Get Involved with the Power to Be campaign in Your Parish

Every child has the power to achieve great things, yet without access to electricity, the world’s children are being held back from living life to the full. Renewable energy gives children the power to break free from poverty. By supporting our Power to Be campaign, you and your parish can change lives for good.

Here are four ways to launch Power to Be in your parish:

1. Sign cards in your community

Order campaign action cards for everyone in your parish and get people to sign and send them to Melanie Robinson, the UK’s representative at the World Bank, to ask her to support renewable energy to tackle poverty, so that everyone can fulfil their God-given potential.

St Joseph’s Penketh in the Liverpool Archdiocese managed to get a fantastic 253 postcards signed and sent to CAFOD. Could you do the same?



  1. Organise a Power to Be liturgy

Invite your parish or school to pray together with our Power to Be liturgy. You can even involve the children with our new children’s liturgy resource.

  1. Spread the Word

Use our short talk and our prayers of intercession to get the word out in your parish. You can look at our organiser’s guide for more ideas.

Parishioners from The Mission on Anglesey, Anglesey particapated in their own Power to Be card signing back in June.


  1. Get creative

Create an eye-catching Power to Be sun display; perfect for children and adults alike!

St Joseph’s Primary, Llangefni and God the Holy Spirit Primary, Newtown set great examples earlier in the year, with their suns display which had promises to save energy, prayers for change and messages to the World Bank on its rays. Can you do something similar?

Children from St Joseph's Anglesey Power to Be

St Joseph’s wonderful Power to Be sun


God the Holy Spirit’s great Power to Be sun

We have already had some fantastic responses to our campaign, but there is still time for you to get involved and make a difference. Colette Byrne said “This is a campaign with a real focus – we really can make a difference in practical ways and it is so simple!”

Find out more here.


Help Support The Maua Community in Brazil #ficamaua

CAFOD and the Maua community

CAFOD’s Connect2 project in Brazil focuses on the communities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. One of these is the Maua community which resides in the Maua building in the centre of Sao Paulo. The building was originally a hotel, but was left empty for 17 years until over 200 homeless families renovated it and moved in in 2007. Since then, they have been desperately trying to win their legal rights to live there and have recently been engaging in negotiations with the authorities. The situation has now become urgent as a shock eviction notice has been given to the community, meaning that over 200 families now face being forced out of their homes by police on 22nd October 2017.

Colette supporting the #ficamaua campaign

CAFOD’s partner in Brazil APOIO is currently working with the Maua community to try and defend their right to secure housing, however there is no further legal option to save the community. This means that the only option left to them is for the international Catholic community to put pressure on the authorities to stop the eviction.

Neti de Araujo, a community leader within the Maua community who has met with CAFOD supporters in the past has said: “We in the Maua community have spent 10 years living in this building which we have cleaned, looked after and made into a home for 237 families. For years we have been negotiating for the acquisition of this building for social housing with an affordable rent. Now we are at risk of an eviction. We have not been offered an alternative. We will have to leave our homes and live in the street. I am counting on you and your prayers”

What can you do to help?

Staff and volunteers in North Wales have been showing their solidarity with the Maua community. Colette said “We are upset to learn that local authorities are trying to evict people who have worked so hard to improve their accommodation, especially when it is so desperately needed and when it is such a fantastic community. We have been involved with the Maua community for over 10 years and we urge the authorities to reconsider this decision.”

Can you sign the petition asking the Brazilian authorities to suspend the eviction and to negotiate a just, permanent solution for the families? Can you print off the petition and ask people in your parish or community to add their signatures? Will you show solidarity with the Maua community by taking a picture of yourself holding a sign saying #ficamaua to share with us on social media?


Volunteers in North Wales supporting the #Ficamaua campaign

Read more about our campaign

Newtown community support Power to Be

Campaigners from the parish of God the Holy Spirit in Newtown have teamed up with children from the local school, St Mary’s Catholic primary, to play their part in ensuring that children from across the world have access to safe, renewable energy by taking part in our Power to Be campaign. 

After a visit from CAFOD North Wales’ local representative, Colette, parishioners from the local area played their part by signing our Power to Be action cards which are calling on the World Bank’s Melanie Robinson to pledge investment into local, renewable energy that can transform lives across the world.

The school were so inspired that they have pledged to continue their support for CAFOD in the form of CAFOD group based at the school, where they will hold whole school assemblies which parishioners and parents will be invited to.

Debbie Luke, Eco Committee leader, said: “Our Eco Committee held a whole school assembly on the Power To Be campaign and then all pupils took part in writing different ways to help conserve energy. They enjoyed the experience and were keen to encourage parents to sign the petition.”

Children doing Power to be Sun

Colette Byrne, CAFOD’s local representative in North Wales, added: “We’re really pleased with how well the whole community has pulled together to support the Power to Be campaign.

“Thank you to everyone at both the parish and the school for their contributions, particularly the children’s wonderful sun ray display!

A huge thank you to all in the parish of God the Holy Spirit and to the staff and children at St Mary’s Catholic primary, Newtown for their brilliant support.

To support our Power to Be campaign in your parish, get in touch by emailing Colette at or calling Colette on 07779 804242.

Power to be sun and children