Ditching Fairtrade: Not my cup of tea!

Sainsbury’s is the largest retailer of Fairtrade products in the UK.  Unfortunately, they have ditched the Fairtrade mark on their own brand of tea, to set up their own scheme called ‘fairly traded’ tea.  As a CAFOD volunteer, and supporter of Fairtrade, this change was not my cup of tea.
At CAFOD North Wales, we decided to protest against this change. We took CAFOD’s open letter to the store manager, John, at Sainsbury’s Wrexham Superstore, to let him know how we felt about this move away from Fairtrade.  John was very nice and listened to what we had to say.  He would pass on our concerns.


CAFOD North Wales rep, Colette Byrne, and volunteer Harriet Rees, outside Sainsbury’s Wrexham Superstore.

I am sure many people feel as I do about the importance of Fairtrade products, and have always known Sainsbury’s to be an ethical supermarket which stocks over 500 Fairtrade products.  That is why we need to ensure they keep up this work, to help poor farmers earn a decent living wage.  This was my first campaign for CAFOD about Fairtrade and it is so important to me, I had to take part… And taking part was so easy, we’re asking you to do it too!

Outside Sainsburys

Ditching Fairtrade: Not my cup of tea! Protesting outside Sainbury’s Wrexham Superstore. 

Simply visit the CAFOD website to download resources, such as the open letter and props.  Print your own letter, sign it and take it into your local Sainsbury’s store manager, to let them know that we all stand together and do not support this move away from Fairtrade. If you want to share your experience, we’d love to hear about it.  Either contact Colette at CAFOD North Wales or post it to our Facebook and twitter. You can also sign and share the online petition and tell Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Mike Coupe: don’t ditch Fairtrade!  If we make it very clear we only support Fairtrade tea, we can make him reconsider.




Radio Interview with Calon FM

Last week I visited Calon FM in Glyndwr University, Wrexham. I was asked to come in and speak about my experience as a CAFOD volunteer and jumped at the chance.

I was so nervous to begin with and practiced some answers with as many people as I could get to listen to me! When I arrived at the studio I was immediately calmed by the


CAFOD volunteer, Harriet Rees, with Dave Williams and crew at Calon FM.

host, Dave Williams, who’s professional, calm attitude made me realise he had it all under control.
I was asked about why I volunteered with CAFOD, which is easy to answer, because as a young Catholic, I am so passionate about everything they are involved in. The radio interview was a great opportunity to talk about my recent trip to Portugal with CAFOD, to a sustainable living camp, and all the experiences I have had in the campaigns office as a volunteer.
Along with some great music, Dave was great fun to talk to. You can listen to my interview and find out all that I have been up to with CAFOD, and how easy it is to get involved.

This week, we are heading to Sainsbury’s in Wrexham to campaign against them taking Fair Trade tea off the shelves. It is so simple to get your voice across and we need everyone to join in to make sure we are heard. You can find out how we got on later in the week, or to find out more about the campaign you can head to the CAFOD website.


Visit CAFOD or contact your local volunteer centre on 01978 355 084 or northwales@cafod.org.uk for more details.

Do you want to join the “Step into the Gap” Programme?

Apply to become a Gapper today!

If you, or anyone you know, are aged between 18 and 30 and have a passion for global justice, read on to learn more about CAFOD’s gap year programme.

With the academic year and exams mostly over, many students will be looking forwards, and wondering where their next chapter will take them.

Why not kick-start those next steps with a Step into the Gap placement at CAFOD?

Step into the gap2

Beginning in 2017, the placement will give you the opportunity to develop your skills by volunteering in the UK, as well visiting CAFOD’s international partners.

Living and working in one of our UK placements for the academic year, you will learn more about yourself, your faith and the world we live in while inspiring others to make a difference.

Two of our gappers in the North West, Lizzie and Sophie, are just coming to the end of their placements.

Step into the gap

Sophie Hull, who is originally from Blackpool and is volunteering at Just Youth, said: “I will never forget this year, I have enjoyed it so much!  I have gained so much confidence and developed my leadership skills hugely.

“Throughout the year I have been able to put my faith into action by going overseas to Ethiopia to see the work of CAFOD’s partners. On my return, I have been able to share the stories I have encountered there with communities in the UK.  Being able to learn more about CAFOD and see CAFOD’s work first-hand has been a blessing and I am looking forward to carrying on volunteering for CAFOD on social justice in a bid to make the world more just.”

CAFOD are excited to announce a new placement opening in the South East, at St. Cassian’s Centre, Kintbury.

The successful applicant will spend the year at the residential youth centre which is owned by the religious order the de La Salle brothers, in West Berkshire. During the year, they will also visit an international CAFOD partner in Sierra Leone or Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Find out more and apply today by visiting