North Wales Justice and Peace come together

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending the day in beautiful Pantasaph with lovely people from across North Wales, who all share a passion and commitment to Justice and Peace.  Among attendees were representatives from other charities such as SHARE, Christian Aid and Aid for the Church in Need.

The day was organised by Katja Jewell, Joyce Elcock and Maria Pizzoni who are keen to rebuild the Justice and Peace network across North Wales.

We started the day in glorious sunshine and did the Stations of the Cross, where each of

Colette Byrne from CAFOD reads at Station 1

Colette Byrne from CAFOD reads at Station 1

us told a story that was relevant to our cause and linked in with Jesus’s struggle.  It was a very powerful reflection which made Jesus’s suffering all the more real, connecting us with people’s suffering today.

After a shared lunch, we discussed Justice and Peace in North Wales, and how we can build on this, and work together more in the future.

As part of the Justice and Peace network, we hope to make a difference.  I would like to invite you to be part of this network too.  It would be wonderful to see CAFOD volunteers interlinking their CAFOD role with the Justice and Peace network.  Please contact me to discuss this further.

There will be an overnight retreat in Noddfa on Friday 10th November which you would

Justice and Peace members from across North Wales

Justice and Peace members from across North Wales

be welcome to join.  Further details, closer to the time.

Colette Byrne
Community Participation Coordinator, Wrexham Diocese

07779 804 242

Celebrating Our Volunteers; Kevin McIntyre

Celebrating CAFOD Volunteers

Kevin represents CAFOD North Wales in our campaigning


We are delighted to celebrate the work of our wonderful Parish Volunteer, Kevin McIntyre who attends St Winefride’s in Holywell.

Having taught in East Africa for 5 years from 1968 to 1973, he and his wife, Delyth became very aware of the daily struggle many people had in their lives because of poverty and injustice. When they returned to North Wales to teach and raise a family, they felt a need to do something to support people in the less developed countries of the world. CAFOD provided us with the ideal way to do this.

Kevin has supported CAFOD in many ways since then through the school he taught at St Richard Gwyn High School and became a Parish Volunteer in 1980 where he has organised Advent and Lenten lunches involving other local churches. This event ran for over 30 years and Kevin is still a dedicated Parish Volunteer, ensuring Fast Days and campaigns are well promoted and supported in his parish. Kevin is a wonderful example of a volunteer who is passionate about his work and we’re very lucky to have his support.

Celebrating Our Volunteers; Harriet Rees

CAFOD Youth Volunteer Harriet Rees

CAFOD Youth Volunteer Harriet Rees at Flame Festival

Harriet Rees is a student at Liverpool John Moores University, studying Geography. She came on board as a CAFOD volunteer in the summer of 2016 when she attended a Campaigns Event on Climate Change.  Harriet attended the event with her sister as this is a particular hot topic for them both.  Since then, Harriet became a CAFOD Parish Volunteer in The Immaculate Conception in Flint, attending our Harvest briefing and ensuring that a successful Harvest appeal took place.  Harriet has spoken at mass on behalf of CAFOD and is now looking at a potential placement with CAFOD as part of her University degree.  Harriet said, ‘I was first introduced to CAFOD through talks and things within my parish and as a passionate young Catholic, I saw this as a perfect way to put my faith into action.  As a keen geographer and Catholic, CAFOD’s campaigns fit perfectly with all my own concerns, such as Climate Change and Inequality’.

Community Participation Coordinator, Colette Byrne, said, ‘We are delighted to have Harriet as a CAFOD volunteer. It is great to see someone so young, willing to commit some of their spare time to their faith by volunteering.  Young people are the people of the future, so its really vital that we engage with them and encourage them to put their faith in to action through our work.  Harriet is a wonderful volunteer and this is only the beginning of her volunteer journey!’

Harriet recently represented CAFOD North Wales at a Sustainability Summer Camp in Portugal which was attended by Pope Francis and looks forward to volunteering for the Campaigns team this summer!