Celebrating Our Volunteers; Keith McDonogh

Celebrating Our Volunteers

CAFOD Office Volunteer Keith McDonogh joined in February 2017

A few months ago, I was delighted to welcome on board to the team, Keith McDonogh. Keith joined after working for many years for Wrexham Diocese as Safeguarding Officer.  He is the Chair of  the Diocesan Trustees and has recently found himself with some spare time for CAFOD in between his busy life of being Grandparent and volunteering for the Diocese.

CAFOD Community Participation Coordinator, Colette Byrne, said, ‘Keith has been a wonderful addition to CAFOD North Wales as an office volunteer. So far he has done a magnificent job of updating our database, learning how to blog and using his local knowledge to help build links within the Diocese.  He is a great support to me and has settled in really well.  I feel very blessed to have such a reliable, keen and enthusiastic volunteer!’

Celebrating Our Volunteers; Tony McNicholl

CAFOD Volunteer campaigning at Westminster

CAFOD Volunteer Tony McNicholl supporting CAFOD Campaigns at Westminster

Tony McNicholl is a long standing CAFOD supporter based in Anglesey.  Tony first heard about CAFOD in the 1960’s through the introduction of the Family Fast Day.  Tony says, ‘I did not really become an active supporter of CAFOD until the early 80s. I remember showing a couple, perhaps three, CAFOD films to the parish here in Holyhead between 1983 and 86. At that time I was a mature student on a B Ed course at Bangor and was able to borrow their 16mm projector. I can’t remember what the films were now, but they did prompt the parish into taking on some CAFOD projects, one of which was to support women in Burundi’.

From 2003 to 2007, Tony held a part time post as Faith, Justice and Peace Field worker for the Wrexham Diocese. ‘One of my first actions was to use CAFOD’s “Food for the Journey” liturgy for an ecumenical event which we held in the grounds of the ruined priory at Penmon on Anglesey, and later in the Church in Wales parish church in Llandudno. For these I had some of the material translated into Welsh’.

Since then, Tony has supported many CAFOD campaigns, the most recent was a Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage in Holyhead as an ecumenical event with Cytun (Churches together in Wales), with an adapted and bi-lingual version of the CAFOD liturgy and a Lampedusa Cross.

Community Participation Coordinator, Colette Byrne, said ‘It is an absolute pleasure to work with Tony, he is so full of enthusiasm and its great that he spares the time to continue his support for CAFOD campaigns, alongside the rest of his busy life, we really are incredibly grateful to him’.